Build a More Effective Mobile Marketing Campaign

9 Tips on how to achieve success in mobile marketing.

Over the last decade, mobile technology is the medium of choice for most consumers. Over 85% of users on the internet are using mobile devices, forever changing consumer behavior. With the rise of mobile internet use, it’s only natural that business and brands will begin to create marketing strategies for mobile use. Here we’ll explore how to build a mobile marketing campaign that meets your audience where they are.

What is Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Mobile marketing is essentially the methods of marketing your brand or your business products/services in a way that entices mobile users. WordStream states, “When done right, mobile marketing delivers personalized, time- and location-based information to customers or potential customers who use smartphones, so they get exactly what they need, even when they’re on the go.”

The Mobile Marketing Campaign

As marketers, the first question you should ask before bringing is how well you know your audience. Are your consumers tech-savvy? Do they prefer to connect to the internet through a mobile website or an app? Knowing your target audience’s mobile habits and needs will provide key data insights for tailoring your campaign.

Mobile Marketing Trends

As you begin to build your mobile content marketing campaign, it’s important to know how to best improve your strategy and increase sales. In this post, we would like to share the top 9 mobile marketing trends and tips to ensure your efforts will be successful.

Speed up your site.

A slow website makes visitors bounce to a site with higher speeds. Google also uses page speed as a ranking signal for mobile searches. If you’d like to check the speed of your website, utilize the Lighthouse tool to assess your site for any speed issues.

Place an emphasis on Landing Pages.

And speaking of websites, the landing page your customer will land on are equally important for your mobile users as it is for desktop users.  Make sure your landing pages are bug-free, load quickly, provide relevant content and any “Click Here” messages will send customers where they’re supposed to go.

Utilize QR Codes.

QR codes are an increasing trend in mobile marketing. QR codes are scannable patterns that resemble a barcode that contains various forms of data such as account information, phone numbers, coupons and links to website pages. QR codes are specifically designed to work with your phone’s camera making it easier for your customers to get to the landing pages you want to feature.

Focus on your SMS campaign.

In case you’re asking, what is SMS marketing? SMS Marketing consists of sending promotional or transactional messaging via text message (SMS). The texts are mostly time-sensitive offers, updates, and alerts to people who’ve granted permission to receive texts to their phone.

One of the benefits of SMS marketing is that texts usually get opened. Just make sure you’re sending creative text messages. Offering specials through text can be particularly effective when the deals are exclusive to customers who agree to receive text messages from your business.

Place an emphasis on content.

Content is king and quality will always prevail over quantity. If you’re wondering how to make content mobile-friendly, the key is short, crisp messaging. Mobile users generally don’t have a lot of time and want their information to be as fast-paced as their lives are. They’re also looking for instant gratification. Shorter messages that present all the main points you want them to receive are more attractive for this type of audience. Don’t forget to include a call to action that suggests for them to do something.

Optimize voice search.

Mobile users really like to use voice search as opposed to tying in their search. But you must keep in mind that people talk to voice search the way they’d talk to another person. This means you should optimize the long-tail keywords that would appear in those searches. Start by thinking about the kinds of voice searches customers and potential customers might say to find your website.

Use push notifications.

Push notifications can be a great call to action when used with geofencing. Make sure your notifications focus on specific segments of your business.

Include video content.

We can’t stress how mobile users like their content to be presented in the easiest way possible. Video is easier to see than reading a text. And video is on the rise. More than half of all mobile traffic is using video. Another aspect to consider is that the numbers will rise to 75% by 2023. If you’re a novice at video, you can find lots of tips for creating successful videos, and even learn how to create videos using animation. There’re free animation tools that can assist you in creating animated video content.

Make sure your emails are mobile-friendly.

Did you know that more than half of all emails are opened via a mobile device? Just like you, you must ensure your website is mobile-friendly, so should your emails be mobile-friendly. You can accomplish this by using short subject lines, so it won’t be cut off. You should also take advantage of the preheader text and write something that entices your viewer to read more. And don’t forget to keep your message simple and include a call-to-action button.

Mobile marketing is an important component of your digital marketing strategy that should be incorporated in your marketing budget. Hopefully these tips will help you to make your mobile marketing efforts more effective and easier to meet your goals.

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