Philadelphia Social Media Marketing Agency

An effective social media management strategy provides the opportunity to build awareness across your brand's campaign initiatives, send targeted messaging to key audiences and drive website traffic and leads at a low acquisition cost.
Improve Engagement

Our social media marketing approach looks for cost-effective opportunities to promote your products and services. We help you develop campaigns, create audience lists, and fine-tune campaigns to optimize engagement.

Gain Customers

We plan and design Organic and Paid social media campaigns that deliver qualified leads and customers for your brand. Make Your Mark strategists work with you to plan, execute, report and measure your campaign initiatives.

Increase Awareness

Our team will help you generate the quality awareness your brand deserves. Make Your Mark has a roster of creative storytellers who develop memorable campaigns that build an emotional connection with fans and customers.

Make Your Mark’s Philadelphia Social Media Marketing services enables brands to build a social media presence across major social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, among others. Our management services provide the opportunity to grow your social media footprint—ultimately achieving your brand’s goal of increasing its visitor-to-customer conversion rate.

Make Your Mark strategists will plan out an interactive social media editorial calendar to guide your brand in meeting its digital growth goals. Our strategists will perform a social media audit and analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses, and strategize on how to maintain or improve your brand’s social media program and optimization efforts.

We will use best practices to help increase your brand’s social audience and follower base through Organic and Paid campaigns, including hashtag campaigns, engagement campaigns by sharing/retweeting relevant news, interacting with fans for the goal of encouraging sign-ups, and contributing our own content to broaden reach.

We provide daily, weekly, and monthly analytics regarding your brand’s social growth rate, audience reach, demographics, comments and other key engagement metrics.

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