You don’t have to be an expert social media strategist to understand the important role social media plays in creating brand awareness and reaching potential customers. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a tool that can improve social media marketing efforts by helping you create and post valuable content that draws users to your social platforms and drives traffic to your website.

While it’s no secret that optimizing your content helps your rankings improve on search engines like Google, SEO can sometimes seem like a secret language that needs a decoder ring to decipher. Filled with the right keywords, tags, titles, links and images, your social media channels can be a trail filled with virtual breadcrumbs that can lead your target audience and other potential customers back to your website and can be converted to sales. 

Below are the top four SEO secrets that you can incorporate into your social media content marketing strategies that’ll turn you into a social media rock star.

1.  Don’t overlook your social media profiles.

When it comes to social media, don’t ignore the basics. Whether its Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, fill out the “About” section in your social media profiles completely using as many details as possible. This should come as no shocking reveal, but one would be surprised how this section goes underused. Be sure to include keywords that are relevant to your industry, location information and the link to your website.

2. Integrate keywords into your posts.

Like Google, social media is search-oriented. This is evident by Instagram incorporating its keyword search tool last year. Keywords help to expand your brand’s reach by giving your posts and thereby your profiles more visibility. Use keywords in your photos and captions to better optimize your content for SEO. Make sure the keywords are relevant to the theme of the post or photo. For instance, if you’re posting about SEO and entrepreneurs, some keywords you would use in your post might be, SEO tracking, relevance ranking or SEO for retailers. The most efficient and successful social media profiles utilize a combination of keywords and content creation. You won’t need to optimize every caption or photo, so it’s imperative to create custom strategies that will be tailored to different patterns in user behavior. 

3. Use links.

Links aren’t just for websites and blogs. A link on your social post doesn’t work the same way as a backlink on your website does. But what it will do is make the user aware of the existence of content on another site. For instance, adding the link to your website in the caption of your posts will allow potential customers to connect directly to your website to shop for the product or service that piqued their interest.

4. Create content that’s sharable.

The “Share” button is an extremely important tool when it comes to making sure your content is reaching more potential consumers. If you have a blog, you can use content from your blogs to create quality, bite-sized posts that your followers can read and share. Encourage your followers to share posts from your social media profiles as a call to action.

Bottom Line

SEO can help you to create more successful social media campaigns and content, which in turn can bring potential customers to your website and increase your brand’s online presence. Utilizing these four hacks can help you to better implement the social media marketing strategy. If you need assistance in creating a social media strategy filled with these hacks and others that can bring you followers and conversions, reach out to us and learn more about how our SEO services can help you.

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