Creating compelling experiences for today’s digital audience

  • What are my key messages?
  • What problem(s) are we solving for our customers?
  • What are the product/service key benefits?
  • What advertising channels are right for this campaign?
  • Are we (as a company) ready for this?

Make Your Mark is your ally. We want to help you answer those questions and any other inquiries you have. We help you build out your company’s awesome concept into an eye-catching, revenue generating product/service that you’ll be proud to present to your target audience by homing in on:


Research affects strategy. We will assist you in evaluating/reevaluating your goals, current tactics, target audience and more.

Identifying Missed Opportunities

Through the discovery process, we can help you identify areas that can use further optimization.

Platform Identification

Knowing your customers habits will help you form the proper call to action on the platforms they naturally gravitate to and enjoy.

Digital Distinction

We help you to identify methods that’ll highlight the uniqueness of your product/service.


Together we plan a course of action to ensure success, and we continue to analyze and adjust based on research and feedback.


Through analytics, we’ll help make your marketing efforts cost-effective and revenue producing.

One Vision

From R&D to creative, we’ll help your company craft a plan that aligns every department with a message that’s consistent with your brand.

Our job isn’t complete until we turn every question mark to a check mark and transform every check mark to an exclamation point from your target audience.
Nancy Diedrichs, Creative Strategist
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