What Is Digital Strategy and Why Do You Need It?


All businesses need an effective digital strategy to increase brand awareness, reach new customers and optimize business processes. 

So, what is digital strategy?

Digital strategy refers to a company’s approach to the use of technology to increase the growth of their business. The strategy should engage customers, augment sales and enhance their brand. 

Five Components of Digital Strategy

When building a solid digital strategy, there are five components a company should use.

  1. Digital Marketing. Digital marketing consists of the use of technology channels to increase brand awareness and engagement. The different areas of digital marketing include social media, email marketing, SMS and digital content strategy for the use of marketing purposes.
  2. Digital Advertising. Digital advertising involves marketing through various online channels such as websites, social media platforms and pay-per-click advertising. Digital ads can include copy, image, audio and video. 
  3. Customer engagement. Interacting with your customers, responding to comments on social media, providing open channels for feedback can help you gain the insight you need to continue to offer positive experiences with your business, as well as data for product improvement.
  4. Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can help your company appear on search engine results. Choosing keywords, utilizing tags, including backlinks, content organization, and creating other online content can be part of your plan to increase your traffic and accessibility.
  5. e-Commerce. e-Commerce allows companies to buy and sell products or services online and provides customers with the option to shop from your brand digitally.

Why Does Your Business Need a Digital Strategy?

Companies may design and adjust their strategy based on market needs, popular online platforms and business performance. Below are three reasons why your business needs to create and employ a digital growth strategy.

  1. To gain better direction. After establishing an online presence, you need to figure out what you want it to do for your business.  Whether you want to gain new customers or build deeper connections with existing customers, a digital strategy can help you to define clear goals for what you want their online presence to achieve. 
  2. Gain better insight on your online audience. Learn what the demand for your online business is and how to better market to your audience.
  3. Gain a more powerful online value proposition. Online value proposition refers to where you tailor your brand to the different target customers you’re looking to interact with. It helps you to keep your competitors at bay by enabling you to differentiate your brand so your existing customers will continue to engage and new customers will want to connect and then to stay loyal.  

Content marketing is key because your content is how your audience will connect with you. A good strategy will boost your content marketing efforts. 

  1. Edge out your competitors. Assume that your competitors already have created a digital strategy. Having one of your own will allow your business to gain the market share, which enables customers to find your brand and keep it on their radars. 
  2. Better optimization. Analytics is a major part of maintaining a website. Having a digital strategy allows you to make better decisions based on analytics and know what areas of your site need to be optimized for better performance.

Need help?

Does your company need assistance with creating or adjusting your digital strategy? Working with an agency that specializes in these services can help you discover what your company needs to focus on and implement to grow your business. If you’re asking, “What does a digital agency do?” The answer is providing valuable assistance in creating digital marketing strategies that helps you to achieve your goals, which allows you to focus on your business. A digital strategy agency like Make Your Mark can help you to discover the key messages of your campaign, the pain points your products or services should solve, and the right advertising platforms for your business.

Digital strategy is the first step in bringing brand awareness and boosting sales. Ensure that your first step is the right step by reaching out to Make Your Mark, and learning how we can increase your business.

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