For any business looking to target their audience and connect with customers more effectively, social media is an essential place to start. Particularly for online businesses, Facebook can be a powerful tool if used correctly. But when it comes to creating Facebook ads that work and hit all the right notes, what do you need to know? Creating an effective Facebook marketing and advertising strategy is step one, and we’ve got all the details to help you start on the right foot.

Advertising on Facebook Is Important, Here’s Why

Social media is more significant than ever when it comes to eCommerce or online shopping in general. But the benefits of Facebook Ads go far beyond the general effectiveness social media can provide.

As the bridge between the real world and online communities, businesses that offer local services or offline stores have had just as much success with Facebook advertising as businesses that are online.

Social media advertising is particularly effective in a couple of ways. Firstly, it allows you to pinpoint-target your customer base and demographic. Secondly, it offers high-quality feedback for what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to save money and achieve better results at the same time.

The First Thing You Need Is a Facebook Marketing Agency

If you’re planning to try Facebook Ads, the first step is putting together a robust Facebook marketing and advertising strategy. This plan is the foundation of your advertising across the platform – as well as a blueprint for other platforms.

With anything from algorithm changes to how people use Facebook changing and shifting over the years, having an up-to-date strategy is more critical than ever. For many business owners, this is where the support of a digital marketing agency comes in handy — providing the insight and knowledge needed for faster and less costly success.

If you’re planning on completing paid social media advertising in-house, however, knowing the basics is an excellent place to start. Advertising strategies – especially for social media – help to point you in the right direction.

As a platform that’s still considered the most influential and effective for advertisers and brands, Facebook is well-worth investing in. But doing it right is a must to make a success of yourself and your brand on social media.

What Does an Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy Look Like?

So, what does a functional, effective, and relevant Facebook Ads and Marketing strategy look like? That depends on many factors. But generally, a strategy will look at the following to allow for more effective advertising and positive results:

Audience Targeting

Knowing who you want to market to is a vital part of social media paid advertising. With advanced demographics tools, it’s possible to pinpoint who you want to sell to down to highly specific factors. From age and interests to location and educational level, it’s possible to have an exact persona you’d like to aim your Facebook marketing towards – and create content that perfectly suits that audience.

Marketing Type

As a social media platform that aims to offer variety to its users, Facebook provides a whole host of different advertising choices for brands to pick from. As such, it’s essential to know which type of advertising is the best fit for your company as well as your audience. Carousel ads, Facebook Stories, or even simple one-image adverts are all available. It’s all about what you want your ad to do, and how you want your customers to interact with it.

Content Style

Before creating content, it’s important to know what you’d like that content to do and who your content is for. Additionally, and just as importantly, you need to know what content your specific audience likes to see. Video, for example, often results in very high engagement for brand awareness. For a brand trying to sell a certain product, for example, highly targeted content, as opposed to generic brand awareness content, would be best suited. Plan out what you want your content to do, and you’ll be far more likely to succeed.

If you’re planning to give social media advertising a whirl, Facebook is an excellent place to start. With sophisticated analytics, plenty of variety, and excellent demographic targeting, hitting that perfect audience is easier than you might think.

There’s no need to be scared of marketing and advertising on Facebook! This might just be the 2020 marketing strategy to give your business the boost it needs. Get started utilizing Facebook to grow your business!


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