Marketing techniques are constantly evolving, as companies are learning how to better appeal to their target audiences. It’s no secret that a new year brings new marketing trends to keep an eye on and use in your own company’s marketing campaign. Here are some of the marketing trends 2020 has in store for us.

Infographic Marketing

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms at the moment, and you’ll need to develop content that takes advantage of this highly visual platform. Although Instagram captions are important, you’ll need to use visuals to get your point across.

This is where infographics come in. As the name suggests, these graphics take informative pieces of content and make them visually appealing. Infographics are an easy way to get your point across to your audience quickly and in a way that’s easy to digest. You can also use infographics in videos on Instagram and on other platforms like Snapchat to capture your audience.

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eCommerce Marketing: Shoppable Social Media

Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook have slowly introduced shoppable features over the last few years, and this year even more companies will be leveraging these tools to make their products more accessible. Brands will incorporate shoppable features in their ads as well as in their posts, so interested consumers will be able to make a purchase in just a few clicks. Brands can also use predictive marketing techniques to target their shoppable posts to the consumers who will be most likely to make a purchase. Check out these eCommerce marketing strategies.

Customer Loyalty

Brands are starting to shift their focus towards incredible customer experiences that will keep shoppers coming back for multiple purchases. This means innovative approaches to customer loyalty and rewards programs that encourage multiple purchases. It’s easy for e-commerce companies today to set up rewards programs on their websites with plugins. There’s also an increased focus on personalization, both with marketing strategies and with products themselves. Brands will be starting dialogues with customers to learn more about their preferences and adjust their products and services accordingly.

Voice Search Marketing

Products like Alexa and Google Home allow consumers to search the internet with their voice anywhere in their homes. In 2020, brands will take advantage of this opportunity to further promote their products. New technology now allows startups of any size to create voice search ads and shoppable menus, allowing customers to make purchases with just their voice. Getting in on voice search now is a great opportunity for small businesses to set themselves apart from their competitors. See how our Philadelphia SEO agency can help you with this latest trend.

Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence technology has now made its way to the mainstream, and in 2020 we’ll see plenty of companies using it as part of their advertising strategy. We can see that many companies are already integrating AI tools into their customer service strategies. It’s becoming the norm to use websites that offer customer support via chatbots, and we’ll soon see it used to develop email marketing campaigns, to deliver product recommendations, and much more. Using artificial intelligence to run your business or as part of your products can also be a marketing strategy in itself – it shows customers that you are at the cutting edge of your industry.

Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Video ads are increasingly popular, and while they’re not a new concept, it used to be that only larger brands could afford to make them. This is all starting to change as video technology is getting more affordable. In 2020, small businesses will be able to create high-quality videos to appeal to their potential customers and keep up with larger brands.

These are just a few of the marketing trends that we can expect to see evolve in 2020. As technology evolves, there are plenty of exciting new ways to market your products and services.

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