Top Five Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

As you begin to wrap up your 2021 4th quarter campaign goals, you’ve probably given a thought, or two, or more to your digital marketing strategies for 2022. At the center of all marketing efforts is the ability to increase brand outreach and boost sales of your products or services. As the landscape of digital marketing continues to change, you may ask, what are the latest digital marketing trends?

It is important to know the new emerging technologies and strategies, along with the way these trends are being incorporated, so you can make sure your campaigns will have the digital audience engagement outlined in your marketing objectives.

What are the top five Digital Marketing Trends for 2022?

  • Conversational Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Localized Marketing
  • Push Notifications
  • Interactive Content

Conversational Marketing

As the push to create and maintain personal relationships between customers and brands continues, the need persists to make your marketing efforts more conversational. Conversational marketing enables markets to use multiple channels to meet your targeted digital audience needs. This includes personalized emails, customer service chatbots, videos, etc.

Conversational marketing is key when edging out your competition because if it enables your customer to get the answers and customer service, they need from you. Conversational marketing uses a dialogue-focused communication style to convert leads and improve the customer experience. It focuses on more human-centered interactions between a brand and their customers.

Video Marketing

When it comes to creating content, visual content reigns supreme. Visuals are easier to remember. Most customers (91%) prefer interactive and visual content over traditional static media. Pinterest and Instagram, which focuses on images and video are proof of this trend. TikTok has taken the use of video to new levels with its use of short form video. To compete, Instagram created “Reels” and YouTube has “Shorts.” Because of this, video will be the cornerstone video to engage customers and drive revenue. Infographics, images, and graphic content videos make your messages more interesting, appealing, and memorable.

Short videos are a fast-paced way to consume content and highlights the need for concise messaging and engaging content that asks us to participate. One thing that TikTok has taught us is that you don’t need a big production crew to make an engaging video that captivates your target audience. Through your phone you can create informative videos or short DIY videos that feature real stories. Videos that have a more unpolished look are extremely popular with Gen Z.

Localized (Hyper) Marketing

Localized marketing isn’t a new concept. But thanks to Google and other search engines, geolocation services have also gone to another level. Eight in 10 marketers currently use location data in their marketing strategy and 94% plan to do so in the future.

Marketers can send SMS messages to a customer’s phone as soon as they’re within a certain distance from your location. Geofencing can deliver personalized messages to potential customers who are more likely to buy, which helps to conserve your budget.

Push Notifications

Because email marketing has become oversaturated, it’s become increasingly difficult to connect with your customers using that method. People are using mobile devices for online shopping and other internet activities, so push notifications are a natural extension for effectively and directly communicating with your consumers. In fact, more than half of consumers allow push notifications on their phones so brands can easily get in touch with them. Just be sure not to exceed over 10 daily pushes to avoid consumers hitting “opt out.”

Interactive Content

Social media has become one of the main ways brands connect with their consumers because it allows for personalized connections and interactions to grow. A fast-growing marketing trend that encourages engagement with your audience is interactive content. This trend was popular in 2021 and will continue to emerge in 2022. By producing inviting, creative interactive content is another way to gain an edge on your competitors. Interactive marketing content includes:

  • Contests & Giveaways
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality videos

Each year the digital marketing ecosystem changes rapidly as new trends emerge. As you begin to plan your 2022 marketing strategy, identifying which of these trends you want to incorporate into your marketing strategy will help your brand stay competitive, increase awareness, grow sales and maintain customer loyalty.

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