You can increase brand awareness through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Promoting your product’s distinctive design by means of advertising is crucial. It’s a valuable space for you to gain insight into your consumers wants and needs in a product by communicating with them via discussions. The social media platforms also allow you to post engaging stories on your page to attract your consumer to your product or business. We’ve compiled some great social media campaign examples to spark your inspiration.

Notably, the top three social media platforms are YouTube, Facebook and then Instagram. In 2018, Youtube was the hottest social media platform ranking at 73% usage by U.S. adults. Pew Research also found that 68% of adults used Facebook. Closely following was Instagram: 35% of adults use that social media platform.

Let’s start by exploring some YouTube social media campaign examples such as Starbucks, Starbursts, and Skittles.

Starbucks: To Be Human Campaign (YouTube)

Below is a Starbucks YouTube video campaign that shares real-life stories of their consumers with other consumers or potential ones. This campaign from Starbucks is about the daily life and background of Bassam Mouawad. He weaves how Starbucks is the central aspect of his life, by calling it a “second home.” Starbucks is basically trying to transcend the barriers of social class by reaching the common coffee loving person. Ultimately, they’re reaching out to all their coffee lovers. View the YouTube campaign here.

Starburst: Hilarious Ad Campaign (YouTube)

Starburst is taffy candy made by the Wrigley Company. It’s also known to create hilarious commercials. The Starburst YouTube commercial features a long-haired old timer in our era dancing just because he likes Starburst’s Berries ‘n Crème flavor. Check out how many views this video got: over 12 million! Although some folks didn’t find it as facetious as others, Starburst still made a point in letting people know about their new Berries ‘n Crème flavor. View the Starburst campaign here.

Skittles: Sweat The Rainbow Campaign (YouTube)

Another product of the Wrigley Company is Skittles, a fruit-flavored candy. Within this particular ad (below), this Abraham Lincoln looking guy is sweating skittles while on a treadmill. His colleague nearby is enjoying them as they land into his mug. “Sweat The Rainbow” was used here alternately to the original slogan, “Taste The Rainbow.” They got over 5 million views, as long as insight to who likes or doesn’t like the ad, and written feedback thread from consumers and/or potential ones. View the Skittles campaign here.

Next, let’s examine the following Facebook social media campaign examples: Herbal Essences, Pizza Hut, and Mentos.

Herbal Essences: CVS Beauty Channel Campaign (Facebook)

To start off, Herbal Essences is a hair care product company that applies the Facebook social media platform as a bridge of communication with their consumers. For example, they inform their consumers of where and how they obtain new herbal formulas for their shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products. In addition, they provide an engaging campaign platform by hearing out concerns about their products, sharing opinions, sweepstakes, and exploring new scents. As you can see, they’re letting their consumers know that they’re partnering with CVS Beauty channel to promote their latest products. View the campaign here.

Pizza Hut: Super Bowl Campaign (Facebook)

Yum pizza! Who doesn’t like pizza? Well, Pizza Hut is a pizza restaurant also using the Facebook social media platform to conduct influential marketing, or testimonials, promote competitions and provide discussions for new menu items at the very least. Within their Facebook social media campaign, Pizza Hut offered a year’s worth of free pizza to the first person that gives birth during the Super Bowl.

Mentos: Scented Pens Campaign (Facebook)

Mentos, the company that sells chewable candies and gum, also uses the Facebook social media platform to engage with fans and introduce new products. From serious topics such as building meaningful relationships, facetious stories about a boy and his gum, to promoting new products such as scented pens, Mentos’s social media platform seeks to stay connected and engaged with its consumers. The ad campaign (found here) is clever because a consumer or potential consumer would definitely want to purchase a Mentos product after using and smelling the aroma of the pen.

Our Social Media Campaigns Calculations

Well, based on the examples of the social media campaigns of the top the social media platforms, one can tell that they’re well worth the time, money (if you’ll hire a Philadelphia digital marketing agency to do it) and energy. To say the very least, they are a great way to rake up views so people will know that your product exists. Plus, it provides an engaging platform where you can see which products or ads your consumers like or dislike and a thread filled with their explanations. All this is invaluable to any business.

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