Collaborating with strategic partners to achieve project goals.

One on one marketing is great but choosing one to market to many is a better use of resources. An exceptional company knows how to identify other companies that will be beneficial to their brand. Make Your Mark wants to assist you in creating an account-based marketing approach, building strategic relationships that increase your ROI.

Quantity over quality is the basis of account-based marketing. The goal is to produce specifically targeted, custom-made campaigns over a group of particular accounts to build long lasting relationships and new opportunities.

Make Your Mark’s approach to account-based marketing helps your company to:
Identify Strategic Accounts

Marketing to the entire organization versus to an individual.

Research Key Stakeholders

Discover how decisions are made within the organizations and how to influence the stakeholders.

Create Stylized Content

Curate content that speaks to the pain points of the stakeholders and methods to resolve them.

Determine the Appropriate Channels

Deciding which channels will be most effective to engage.

Launch and Analyze

Execute the campaign, evaluate its effectiveness, and recalibrate when necessary.

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