Bringing the story behind your brand to life.

Your website is a portal that allows access into your world and establishes brand identity – it’s your welcome mat, mainstage, and calling card with a dot com attached at the end.

You can say it…your brand is awesome! And Make Your Mark wants your target audience and the public to know too!

To ensure your website presents the image and story that reinforces your awesomeness, distinguishes you from competitors, and bolsters your search ranking we’re committed to providing:

Enhanced UX and UI

User experience is one-part visuals and one-part technical cultivation to create a positive, memorable encounter. We achieve this by creating a clean interface, content that incites emotion, a call to action, and an easy, effortless path to navigate throughout the website.

Targeted SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If Google can’t find your website, your customer won’t find it either. Make Your Mark works with you, so your site ranks at the top of any search list by including custom
metadata and quality content that’s algorithm friendly.


We test your website, collect information, and will provide suggestions to make sure
your brand identity and site experience remains top-notch and on message.

You want repeat visits!
So do we, and we’ll make it our mission to get them.
Jill St.Clair, Creative Director
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