eCommerce & Influencer Marketing

Influencers and Digital Marketing: The Digital Influencer
We’re here to be the nudge you need to unlock and upgrade the potential of your business’s digital marketing strategies.  How long has it been since you’ve encountered content from an influencer? How many hours, or how many minutes? It...
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Tiktok marketing displayed on a phone screen
Teach Me to TikTok
When I first heard rumblings about TikTok and (TikTok marketing), I first thought it was the newest dance. I was all prepared to learn the steps so I could kill it in the club post pandemic and keep up with...
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Instagram ecommerce page displayed on a phone
Level-Up Your E-Commerce Conversions with Instagram
Our last post highlighted the trends that you should consider when planning the marketing strategy for your e-commerce site in 2021. One of the trends that we covered was visual commerce. Visual commerce is the use of imagery throughout your...
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