5 Things to Look for in a Philadelphia Digital Marketing Agency

Investing in a Philadelphia digital marketing and branding agency can confuse a person who doesn’t really know what to look for, especially with all the options out there. Above all else, look for an agency that is digital marketing savvy. Very conveniently, we have devised the following list of ways that should help you in your search for an exceptional digital marketing agency.

1. Fulfill Your Needs

The agency you choose should be the right lid to your pot. From the creative end of marketing to the technical end, they should fit your needs. First, try finding an agency that specializes in the project or campaign that you’re working on. If you’re looking for someone to help you blog, then search for an agency with content marketing expertise. Additionally, if you’re looking to promote a social media campaign, then search for a social media marketing services agency that will take care of your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn campaigns ads or organic postings. Most importantly, and to reiterate, find a digital marketing agency that specializes in what you need to accomplish.

2. Industry Expertise

It’s crucial that the agency you hire comprehends your industry. Accordingly, the agency should include a digital marketing analyst to conduct an industry analysis prior to starting a campaign so they can better understand your business, target demographic, competitors, and marketing needs.

3. Research and Recognition

Always do your research about the agency you’re considering hiring. Check to see if they have been recognized for their work. Likewise, check to see if they have good ratings and comments about them. You may want to research on finding a digital marketing agency Upcity and Clutch.co. They speak volumes about the agency you’re considering.

4. They’re a Fair Bargain

Note: We didn’t say the cheapest option. In the digital marketing world, you get what you pay for. You wouldn’t want to get low quality work, right? So, make sure you invest for expert help on your digital marketing programs, especially customer service help in case you may need to engage with customers in real-time.

5. Analog Marketing

Over 90% of all sales are still made in analog stores. So, marketers and consumers have to navigate the analog (physical) and the digital world regularly. Our new digital world is dramatically changing the way products are created, promoted, distributed, and consumed. Since we live in an analog world, we can’t ignore it. So, you’ll also have to explore how the digital revolution has impacted marketing in an analog space. They’ll have to explore the digital domination, resistance, synergy and transformation of analog marketing. Furthermore, they’ll also have to explore their implications for both marketers and consumers.

If your business is looking for a team to help establish your digital marketing efforts and programs, or needs help fine-tune existing campaigns, reach out to the Make Your Mark Digital team. Request a free consultation to learn more about our digital marketing approach.

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