The Hottest Digital Marketing Strategies of 2019

Digital marketing really hit its stride in 2018, but it shows no signs of slowing down in 2019. In fact, if anything, it seems to be speeding up to the point that it’s getting harder to keep up. Let’s take a look at the year so far and see what digital strategies are really shaking things up in the world of marketing.

Sophisticated email personalization

Are we honestly still talking about email? Yes, we are! But it isn’t your dad’s email, so to speak. Generic email marketing with boilerplate copy is giving way to a more sophisticated and personalized strategy that aims to send out a lower volume of emails and get a higher rate of return. This is made possible by targeting customers that are already engaged and using available data from past purchases or usage patterns, only using the email as the final trigger to encourage action. Email is proving vital this year in remarketing and maintaining customer brand loyalty just as much as it is for pulling in new business.

Big data and predictive analytics

Analytics has been a useful tool for years, but data-driven marketing is becoming a real prime mover. Big data providers have opened up their treasure trove of data mined over the course of a decade and have reached the point that they are able to accurately predict customer interaction outcomes with a high degree of accuracy. This customer insight and the updated tools permits marketers to make adjustments to optimize a campaign before sending a single byte of data in the customer’s direction. To say that this is a quantum leap in digital marketing might be underselling it.

Social media storytelling

It is no secret that apps such as Instagram are champs in the current digital market, but few are talking about why other social media outlets are not fairing as well even as they copy many of its design features. Instagram is marketing turned inward, a way to tell your own story and only your own story. Brands that can do this successfully are often investing in strategies with more verticality than is expected of traditional marketing efforts, such as partnering with influencers that are not only happy to pump the product but are talented in combining unique sales propositions with their own unique brand identity.

See how Make Your Mark, a Philadelphia digital marketing agency, is helping companies use social media to generate more sales.

Advanced AI

When it comes to artificial intelligence, the future is here. AI is powering digital marketing by baling together disparate marketing strategies and utilizing the combination that it determines to have the highest probability of success. This may use click tracking, retargeting, customer segmentation, or push notifications but the possible applications are only becoming more numerous with every passing day. It is beginning to account for over a quarter of total digital marketing efforts and that number may be closer to half by the end of the year. Marketing with AI-generated content is also becoming more useful when it comes to selecting imagery to use and making language recommendations that improve clarity and match the readability levels of individuals targeted by the campaign.

This group of emerging marketing trends is just the tip of the iceberg in a very exciting time to be alive. Not only are they making the lives of marketing professionals much easier but they are helping consumers by reaching them right when they are ready to buy as well as improving overall customer experience.

Are you interested in getting started with some of these digital marketing strategies in the coming years? Contact us for more information on these and other marketing trends.

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