New Google Ads Update Helps Businesses Capture New Leads

Over the past two weeks, Google has been testing a new lead form extension feature for Google Ads. They have now confirmed that this feature will be rolled out to all users over the next month or so as part of the latest Google Ads update.

These lead form extensions allow potential customers to fill out a short form at the bottom of the ad to get a quote or offer from the business. This form will be pre-populated with information from their Google account whenever possible. For example, if you are an office cleaning services provider, you can use the new lead extensions to acquire leads looking for such services. Potential leads will need to tap a call to action button at the bottom of the ads to access the form. This means that they won’t even need to visit your site in order to contact your business about the product.

This new update will help Google Ads users generate more leads directly from their ads. Customers and marketers are likely to see an increase in performance with this latest update.

According to Google, one user during the testing phase reported a 20 percent higher closing rate on their leads when using the extension, as compared to using just the ad. The form enables businesses to get in touch with potential leads faster to answer their questions and provide accurate pricing information. This will become one of the invaluable marketing tools for digital marketers because it will make it easier for them to connect with customers on a personal level.

That personal connection and great customer service will help drive sales. Not only will these lead forms pull in new customers, but that extra attention to detail can keep customers coming back.

These forms are mobile-friendly, so viewers will be able to see them on any device. When lead forms are opened, Google Ads will track that as a lead form click, so you can see how many people have considered this option. As users submit their form, it will be counted as a lead form conversion. Once this feature is rolled out to all users in its beta form, you will be able to add a lead form extension to existing ads as well as new ads. You’ll be able to select what information you want to ask for, depending on how your business prefers to contact potential clients. The leads can ask for a phone number, email, location information, and anything else that might be important to your quotes.

There are some customers that will not be eligible for lead form extensions.

Ads for adult-related content, gambling, alcohol, healthcare and medicine, and political content will not be able to use lead form extensions. All other ads should be able to use lead form extensions, provided you abide by the terms of service.

This exciting new feature can help any business generate new leads, but it’s particularly helpful for marketing to B2B businesses and companies that provide quotes to their customers instead of having a standard pricing scheme. Over the next few weeks, we’ll see how marketers can use this feature to generate new leads and improve the conversion rates of their ad campaigns.

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