A ReMARKable Marketing Knowledge Base: Coming in Q4

A sneak peek at Make Your Mark’s incoming resource portal!

It’s a simple thing these days to turn to Google and say, “10 best copywriting tools” or “best free AI tool.” What’s not simple is going through the endless articles full of results that tend to be really dry. Most of those articles also won’t tell you how to use the tools. Well, hold onto your hats, friends, because the team at Make Your Mark is putting together a lovely Halloween treat just for you: Make Your Mark will soon be releasing our very own Marketing Knowledge Base—a resource portal full of our favorite tools, personal work tips and tricks, and marketing hacks galore! 

It’s not just going to be a bulleted list of software and hardware and maybe the occasional prayer for work-life balance. We’re going to get real, from one real human marketing expert to another. You’ll get insights on everything from how to ethically spy on your competitors using free software to the secrets of writing cold emails to how to really take full advantage of Google Calendar. 

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We’re excited for our Marketing Knowledge Base launch day, and we don’t think it’s fair if we keep all the fun to ourselves while working on it, so here’s a little nugget of wisdom from the soon-to-be gold mine!

4 of the Best Marketing Tools (That We Actually Use!)

1. Facebook Ads Library

“This free tool allows you to view all the ads your competitors are running on Meta platforms. It even lets you see ads from any country around the world.”

The best part about this tool is that it’s right there in Meta itself. It’s not really hiding, but it’s been keeping a low profile on Facebook. You can run searches using company names or keywords, and you’ll get a full overview of every ad currently running. Struggling with creatives for your own ads? Just…borrow from a competitor. This is the advertising Hunger Games, so anything goes. 


*Tool recommendation courtesy of Camilla, our fantastic growth marketing expert. 

2. XML-Sitemaps.com

“This gets you a list of all the pages on a website, which is super helpful when adding/updating internal linking to content!”

What’s a sitemap and why do you need it? Think of a website like a huge book. A sitemap is like the table of contents, which you can give to search engines to learn about how the website is organized and what its pages are all about. That way, search engine crawlers can tell what’s valuable on your site (which is hopefully everything). 


*Tool recommendation courtesy of Cora, one of our lovely copywriters.

3. Freepik

“I like using Freepik’s high quality design assets such as illustrations, photos, icons, mockups, and presentation templates.”

Freepik is a treasure trove filled with over 4 million visual assets. If you’re on a budget, the free plan still grants you access to countless images (including some trippy AI generated images!), 3D models, fonts, and more! The images on Freepik are high-res, customizable, and the website itself is super user-friendly. 


*Tool recommendation courtesy of Brielle, one of our wonderful graphic designers. 

4. CapCut

“I use CapCut a lot for editing reels because it’s easy to use, has lots of templates, and the free version has enough features that I don’t need to upgrade for what I currently use it for.”

There’s so many things you can do with CapCut. It’s more advanced than iMovie, but isn’t as complicated as Adobe Premiere—and it’s totally optimized for social media content creation. Filters, framing, color correction, sound effects, you name it. They have it. You can download the software to your computer, or just edit right there on the website. Download if you plan to use it a lot, edit online if you’re just doing one or two videos. 


*Tool recommendation courtesy of Hannah, our incredible social media manager. 

But wait…there’s A LOT more. Don’t worry, it’s coming soon. For now, if you want to learn more from the marketing experts at Make Your Mark, click here to explore the rest of our blog.

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