Tips and Tricks for Selling on Amazon

Optimizing your product to sell on Amazon can be challenging. Businesses and individuals that sell on Amazon want to drive buyers toward their products to increase sales and grow their eCommerce business. Sellers often try to understand on how to achieve quality assurance and a foundation for selling their product, especially in a overly-competitive eCommerce landscape. There are many ways sellers can approach selling on Amazon, but there are few that actually work. Bring more buyers toward your products with the tips for selling on Amazon.

Tips & Tricks for Selling on Amazon

  • Optimize product detail for search – As a seller, you want to be very specific on how you describe your product. Having an accurate description of your product will show authenticity and will likely generate more impressions, call-to-action clicks and sales. Using the Amazon Keyword tool is one trick that you can implement when describing your product. For example, you can research and identify keywords that have a high search volume and use those keywords in your product descriptions, landing pages and storefront home pages. The more quality keywords on your Amazon product pages, the more likely your brand will generate awareness and sales. So, remember to apply a data-driven approach when writing content tailored to your products.
  • Using competitive pricing – Matching or lowering your prices may help your Amazon products stand out. It is a best practice to frequently perform competitive analysis (or a SWOT analysis) to adjust your go-to-market plan and product development efforts with industry changes.  Using the Amazon ‘Match Low Price Feature’ will allow you to update your pricing and have a better advantage over your competition.
  • Sell with FBA (Fulfillment with Amazon) – FBA allows Amazon to handle and ship your products for you, on time. It does require a fee paid by the seller for this installment, however the buyer will have peace of mind toward the purchase, knowing the purchase is processing without any issues.  It will also cause the buyer to give good ratings and come back for more business.
  • Answer customer communication – This is probably the most significant tip for selling on Amazon. As a seller, you need to be able to reach out to your buyer and communicate once the product has been shipped and delivered. Being customer-centric and optimizing for feedback allows the seller to receive reviews on product descriptions, delivery, and satisfaction.


The main goal for any Amazon seller is to ensure that the buyer comes back for more business. Using the above Amazon tips and tricks will help you to sell more effectively. Implementing these tips can help ease the optimization of your listings and help you rise above your competition. Get in touch with the Make Your Mark team to see how Amazon advertising services can help your eCommerce business generate more sales.

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