5 LinkedIn Marketing Tools You Should Be Using For Next-Level Networking

When we think about making new connections, one of the first places we go to is LinkedIn. It’s THE hub for professionals and businesses who want to go about bringing in new prospects for whatever it is they want to be doing. LinkedIn networking is a fickle art that’s been carefully refined over the 20 years since its launch, and people tend to think they know the ins and outs of the platform by now. Well, we’re here to tell you that there’s, in fact, MORE to discover about LinkedIn. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital networking, the platform has stayed fresh, unveiling new features and LinkedIn tools to help take your professional connections to a whole new level. So, if you think you have LinkedIn all figured out…think again! We’re going to shed light on some LinkedIn marketing tools and compatible tools that will have you ready to get out there and conquer the business world like never before. 

1. Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is an absolutely fantastic LinkedIn sales tool designed for sales professionals, marketers, and businesses to help them find and connect with the right contacts. You can also track updates from people of interest, and take advantage of Boolean search filters. Advanced features like TeamLink, Recommended Leads, and Buyer Interest make it well worth the investment. 

2. Crystal


This tool is a data-based personality predictor. Originally developed in the Harvard Innovation Lab, Crystal (or Crystal Knows) gathers personality data from the things people post online, their profiles, and any other public info on the internet. Once it compiles the data, the tool can provide an overview of a person’s traits, recommendations for how to communicate with them, email preferences, stressors, and more. Crystal can be instrumental in all stages of the sales process, especially cold outreach.

3. Resume Worded

Resume Worded

Networking is all for naught if you lead your potential connections to a messy, uncoordinated page. Resume Worded is an AI-powered tool that helps you clean up your LinkedIn profile. The tool looks at your headline, bio, professional experience, and keywords to make suggestions that will get your profile popping up for more search results. If you feel like your LinkedIn presence could use a little makeover, this is the tool for you.

4. FindThatLead


This LinkedIn scraping tool can get you email addresses from the LinkedIn profiles you browse, and verifies them so you know if the addresses are correct or not. Then you can (ethically) use that data for prospect research, cold outreach, or sales campaigns. There’s even a Chrome extension for easy use on your browser. 

5. RocketLink


This LinkedIn marketing tool helps you shorten URLs and manage the links you’ve shared on LinkedIn. Why is this important? Using a link shortener can boost your LinkedIn ranking by showcasing your authority through shared links, while also saving time with quicker link sharing. Another great thing is that you can add retargeting pixels to your links to engage with users who’ve already interacted with your content.

LinkedIn AI Tools: The Future of AI in Networking

AI is making steady progress in its infiltration into our professional lives. What does that mean for networking? Despite other facets of life moving almost completely online, the age-old practice of shaking hands and elevator pitches is still split between the internet and IRL, so it makes sense to ask how AI might affect that balance. Will we be connecting with our digital decoys on LinkedIn in 10 years? It’s hard to say. Current Linkedin AI tools for networking are focused mostly in the areas of automation and data collection, and while those are getting more advanced by the year, they have yet to replace human interaction. 

LinkedIn marketing tools of the the future might look like this: completely automated content generation and user research, trend predictions, and maybe even an AI assistant solely dedicated to cold outreach. Cool or not cool? Whether you think that’s a positive change or not, it could very well be what networking looks like in 15 years. Guess we’ll see!

Curious about how AI might impact our professional futures and digital marketing as a whole? Learn more about it from the marketing experts at Make Your Mark here in our blog.

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