How to Work With AI (And Keep Your Job While You’re At It)

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“AI Will Destroy Jobs”

“The Dangers of AI”

“Will AI Take Over the World?”

The headlines can’t—won’t—stop talking about it. AI is the future! AI will ruin our future! AI is helping kids cheat in school! AI will run the world in 15 years! Everything good will be replaced by evil AI—I mean, honestly! The doom scrolling just doesn’t end. People love drama, and the media loves a clickbait headline more and more these days—so we’re here now to take a deep breath and just lay out some facts. 

Fact 1: AI has infinite potential to be used in many industries—with just as much potential for abuse. 

Fact 2: AI, as it exists now, can’t replace human intelligence.

Okay, so we all know what AI is by now. We don’t need to define it. What we’re more concerned about is just how wide the scope of work that AI can accomplish is, and how we puny humans can stay relevant (and employed!!) in the steady advancement of this digital age. 

Good news! The AI apocalypse is not yet upon us, we promise

AI, as a tool, is a fantastic starting point. It can help you structure a blog post, give you email subject line suggestions, or some pithy ad copy inspiration. What it can’t do, however, is be an actual human. There’s no replacement for human creativity. Hollywood’s writers are striking right now and proving that point. If AI was capable of replacing our writers, TV and movie production wouldn’t have ground to a halt as it did. To all our fellow copywriters out there, fear not! You are still valuable. You are still very much needed. AI, while an immensely powerful tool, remains just that for the time being. It’s a tool that needs to be guided by human command and conduct. AI algorithms are not advanced enough to understand nuances of context, ambiguity, and unpredictability. AI can’t fully grapple with morality. It’s not empathetic. It doesn’t understand that there are exceptions to every rule. And, above all, AI will always remain imperfect because it is a product of humanity. So embrace the fact that you are a perfectly imperfect human who will always have worthwhile contributions to society!

Right, Okay! Now…

That being said, here’s how you can totally use AI to elevate your copywriting efforts (with picture examples!) 

Let’s compose a fun email together!

Step 1: Choose the right software.

Look, we appreciate ChatGPT, we really do. But it’s not the best out there! I mean, just look at this…


Try Bing Chat through Microsoft Edge, which is GPT-4 with Internet access (and free!). Check out this variety!

Step 2: Get that first draft.

Not too shabby, huh?

Step 3: Adjust as you see fit!

We chose the “make it more personal” option. Here’s what it gave us.

…Hm, okay, so you can see why it’s still very much a draft. 

Step 4: Humanize it!

This email needs some exclusively human TLC to become its best self, particularly at the beginning. We’ve all gotten so used to reading “hope this finds you well” and blah blah blah. So this wonderful human behind the computer is going to change it to a simple: 

“Hey {name},

We have some awesome news to share! We’re launching Splash Wednesday, your monthly dose of digital marketing tips, tricks, and trends to help you make your mark online.”

Isn’t that better? Then, after a little bit of this and a little more of that, we’ll end up with a shiny new email that showcases the best of both worlds, and will leave readers wanting more!

…And it only took us five minutes 😉

Productivity win! 🏆

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