Santorian LinkedIn Lead Acquisition and Content Strategy

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Santorian is defined by its hard-working clientele with constantly-changing needs, so they required a unique approach to lead generation that told their story through precise, personal language. Through extensive voice discovery and development, Make Your Mark created a modest but sophisticated content portfolio that allowed santorian to communicate efficiently and effectively with its discerning customers.

  • Santorian
  • Legal Financial Services
  • LinkedIn Lead Acquisition, Content Strategy, Content Design
  • Problem
  • Santorian sought to reach highly specific clients in an increasingly competitive industry, and needed to show those clients that the services they offered, and the manner in which they did it, was something wholly new and different from their competition. This posed a considerable challenge that was difficult to address without a dedicated budget.
  • Solution
  • By spending time analyzing their existing content and learning about the unique personalities that made Santorian the company it is, Make Your Mark was able to create a linguistic pallet that matched their existing voice, and use that to paint a vibrant, descriptive picture to their desired clients by leveraging the innate power and reach of the LinkedIn network and search algorithms.
For Santorian’s executive clientele, bold and straightforward language worked best. Their simple professional goals, backed by demonstrable value, became extremely attractive through the lens of compelling prose.
--Joe Weidenboerner / Content Director
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