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Little Partners hoped to advance their online advertising and online presence through social media and commerce platforms. Make Your Mark helped them surpass this goal by launching a robust collection of social media campaigns with ads targeted directly towards their target audience of young parents.

  • Little Partners
  • Early Childhood Advancement
  • Online Presence, Inbound Marketing, Design
  • Little Partners Store
  • Challenge
  • To boost sales and general online presence through advancing the company's existing social media presence. In addition to this, Little Partners hoped to create new online pathways for their clients to reach their product.
  • Solution
  • Make Your Mark created a savvy approach to maintaining the company's social media presence while launching expertly targeted and trackable ads via Facebook and Instagram. An extensive Amazon store page was also created to act as a hub for all Little Partners products sold within the powerhouse sales platform.
Project skills & expertise

Through extensive campaign testing, Make Your Mark helped Little Partners to gain exposure through each Instagram and Facebook ad. These campaigns resulted in an incredible return on investment.

  • One Month Period Ad Return
  • 54,000
  • 182,030
  • 822%
Make Your Mark helped Little Partners utilize their social media to increase company sales. We scaled back the frequency of posting to a more direct and efficient approach to support targeted sales campaigns.
- Jessie Nichols, Account Director
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