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Prelude was seeking an exciting way to share their company’s vision for other’s companies: streamlined, optimized, efficient. They were seeking a customized content strategy that would help them communicate the intricacies of their business plan while maintaining a young, agile aesthetic. With careful attention to detail, and intensive research into their target audiences, Make Your Mark helped Prelude to find their place in a new, client-rich market for them to stretch their professional legs.

  • Prelude
  • Communications / Bill Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Problem
  • Prelude Solutions was facing the difficult task of branding their company, which provides extremely valuable services, in a vibrant, attractive way. The world of optimization can be word-heavy and difficult to make palatable and digestible. Both their aesthetic and their language was suffering from dark, heavy moods that was not attracting customers, but repelling them at the sight of their website and marketing collateral.
  • Solution
  • Make Your Mark’s full marketing suite was able to address all of Prelude’s problem areas. After reimagining their brand and redesigning their marketing materials, we set about reconsidering their service descriptions and they way they conveyed them to the customer. Through our LinkedIn Lead Acquisition program, we helped Prelude reach thousands of potential clients with new, precise, and light language that got the job done without tiring out readers.
Prelude is a very powerful company with effective business strategies; they needed a solid marketing plan to promote their agency and potential.
--Michelle Martinez/ CEO
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