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MassMutual is a user-oriented financial services company that helps build, support, and protect individuals’ and business’ financial futures. With a small-company mentality, they are achieving big-company milestones through personal, compassionate approaches to client communications and Creation.

  • MassMutual
  • Financial Services / Insurance
  • LinkedIn Lead Acquisition
  • Problem
  • MassMutual reeled at the idea of being seen as another insurance company, or another big bank investor. They wanted to reach out to new clients that were in real need of their services, without sounding aggressive or pandering. In a cynical world, this can be a serious roadblock to overcome, especially in the field of financial services. People don’t want to be treated as leads. What MassMutual needed were experts in the art of language.
  • Solution
  • Make Your Mark was able to create a highly-customized, highly variable LinkedIn Lead Acquisition program to reach out to new audiences that we identified as potentially interested or in need. We did this through our powerful, proprietary algorithm that leverages existing networks to intelligently find new leads in a welcoming manner. Through this approach, we developed a messaging strategy that placed a premium on education and genuine interest in potential client’s needs and well-being. Their future clients weren’t treated as leads; they were treated as people.
MassMutual’s focus on family is only made more clear through emotionally evocative and profoundly honest messaging and communications.
- Joe Weidenboerner / Content Director
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