SEO for SaaS

We drive growth for SaaS companies with SEO strategy.

For SaaS (software-as-a-service) brands, the internet is home. SEO for SaaS can direct more organic visitors to your site, who have the potential to become subscribers and boost MRR (monthly recurring revenue). 

Most likely, there’s someone out there on the internet who’s providing the same services you are. To beat the competition, you’ll need to:

  • Choose the right target keywords and rank high for them
  • Put out credible evergreen content on your website
  • Establish a link network back to your site

That’s not all. Want the rest? Contact us to talk about customizing an SaaS SEO strategy to help you get ahead of the game.

When you partner with us, you’ll be working with an unparalleled team of SaaS SEO experts. We’ll help you develop, implement, and manage effective SEO strategies for your business. Trust us, we’ve got what you need.
Make Your Mark is a SaaS SEO agency.
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SaaS SEO Services

Keyword research

We’ll use our tools to identify relevant keywords and phrases that are frequently searched by users in relation to your industry. This helps businesses optimize their website content to target those keywords and improve their search rankings.

On-Page optimization

We’ll assist in tailoring various on-page elements of your website, such as meta tags, headings, URLs, and content. We can also provide recommendations and guidelines to help your business optimize these elements effectively.

Technical SEO

We’ll analyze the technical aspects of your website, such as speed, mobile-friendliness, crawlability, and site architecture. Once we identify the problems, we’ll go ahead and fix the technical issues that could impact your search engine rankings.

Backlink analysis

We’ll look at your website’s backlink profile to search for the quality and quantity of your backlinks. We’ll help with your link-building efforts to improve your site’s credibility to search engines.

Competitor analysis

We’ll take a peek at your competitors to find holes in their keyword research your website could fill in. We can also pick out keywords and set goals to rank higher for those keywords than your competitors. 

Data measurement

We’ll keep an eye on your keyword rankings, traffic metrics, conversions, and other relevant data regarding your SEO strategy’s effectiveness.

Reporting and analytics

After collecting that SEO data, we’ll track it to isolate patterns and trends in improvement. We’ll be able to tell you what’s working and what’s not, and make suggestions for any adjustments you might need to implement.

You’ll see an increase in:

  • Website traffic: One of the main points of SaaS SEO is to get your site in front of more online customers. As you optimize your site, you’ll move higher and higher on search results pages, and get more monthly visitors to your site. 
  • Lead generation: Getting more leads is a happy consequence of higher web traffic. Pairing on-page optimization with technical SEO means you’ll ensure your customer has a smooth, valuable journey through your website, which will boost your chance of conversions.
  • Cost-effectiveness: SEO for SaaS is a long game, but when your strategy works, it’ll keep working for free. Unlike paid advertising campaigns, SaaS SEO doesn’t need ongoing spending. You’ll save money in the long run with SEO, so it’s important to invest in it early!

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