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We help websites re-connect with visitors though high-value Google Remarketing Services.
Generate Demand

Google remarketing is a key digital marketing strategy that you can use to turn your web traffic into sales.

Go Viral

Make Your Mark’s Google Remarketing services allow you to show specific Google ads to users who have already visited your site.

Increase Sales

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C brand, our team knows how to develop powerful remarketing ads that turn visitors into customers.

Google Remarketing Agency: Our Service Benefits

Google is the largest search engine in the world, and it’s one that consumers turn to multiple times a day. For many people, it’s second nature to turn to Google to get questions answered or to find new products and services. Because Google is so heavily utilized, it’s an easy way to catch consumers’ attention and redirect them to your site.

Google remarketing is also a great strategy because it only focuses on consumers that are already interested in your business. Because of this, it can provide a much better return on investment than other digital marketing strategies. You can choose specific ads for specific demographics to make them more personal and more effective. With remarketing, you won’t be wasting any of your money or effort advertising to people who don’t have any interest in your business.

Once you’ve established a strong remarketing strategy, it’s easy to maintain and keep drawing users in. Implementing remarketing now can bring your business great results years down the line.

Google Remarketing Agency: Our Services

We offer complete pay-per-click (PPC) services for B2B and B2C brands. Creating Google ads and setting up the remarketing process can be complex, which is why it’s so important to have an expert on your side to create a great campaign. Here’s an overview of what to expect with our Google remarketing services.

Interested in implementing Google remarketing strategies for your business? Contact Make Your Mark Digital, a Philadelphia digital marketing agency, to learn more about how you can leverage search engine marketing traffic to keep your customers coming back.

In order to make sure your ads reach the right person, we offer data analysis on your website to figure out exactly who is visiting you, what they’re interested in, and how we can use retargeted ads to make a sale. This is the first step towards great remarketing ads.

We’ll install a pixel on your website, which keeps track of your traffic and makes it easy to advertise to the same customers later on using Google ads. We’ll also install Google’s remarketing tags to make your site compatible with their ad programs. Google allows you to upload your customer lists for easy online remarketing. These tracking tools can take this a step further by automatically adding new visitors to your customer lists, so you can start remarketing to them right away.

Google owns YouTube, which is another great platform for remarketing. We offer video remarketing services, which will place your ads at the beginning of relevant YouTube videos to pull customers back to your website.

In order for your remarketing Google ads to be effective, they need to be concise but eye-catching, and they need to use the appropriate keywords. We can help your business create Google ads that fit your voice and will compel customers to revisit your website and make a purchase. We’ll also help you develop specialized ads for different demographics.

If your business primarily targets local customers, you’ll need to make sure the ads you are creating are designed and implemented to catch local traffic. We’ll make sure your ads are using all of Google’s local tools to bring in traffic from your area.

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