SEO for B2B

Work with us to aim the search engine spotlight at your business. 

SEO for B2B (business-to-business) is all about the audience. Our B2B SEO strategy hones in on the B2B sales funnel, using hyper specific keywords to drive up conversion rates and page credibility. 

We’re here to help you thrive, not just survive, on the internet. 

Take a look at some of the ways we build a scalable SEO strategy for you:

  • Buyer persona and keyword matching
  • Credible content creation
  • Optimizing web pages for customer journey

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When you partner with us, you’ll be working with an unparalleled team of B2B SEO experts. We’ll help you develop, implement, and manage effective SEO strategies for your business. Trust us, we’ve got what you need.
Make Your Mark is a B2B SEO agency.
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B2B SEO Services

Keyword research

We can see what your potential clients are searching for on Google. We take that data, and put together a list of relevant keywords and phrases that you can use to optimize your website for search engines. We’ll also help you prioritize unique, high-volume keywords to use as target keywords.

Content optimization

With your target keywords set, we’ll set about tailoring your content to fit those keywords, making you more likely to pop up first on the search results page. We’ll look at your blogs, landing pages, and any other pages on your website.

Backlink building

We’ll build a network of links back to your site from other credible websites. Having good backlinks encourages search engines to think of your site as trustworthy and an authority on your subject matter.

Technical SEO

We’ll peek behind the scenes of your website and make sure your website speed and security are up to date. We’ll also ensure your website is mobile-friendly, because smartphones pretty much rule the world at the moment.

Tracking and reporting

As you implement our SEO for B2B strategy, we’ll help you keep track of its progress with thorough data collection and analysis. We’ll send regular reports to you so you can watch your monthly web traffic count improve as time goes on.

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