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Is your nonprofit achieving its full digital potential?

Discover how our specialized digital marketing agency for nonprofits can revolutionize your online presence. We understand the unique challenges faced by marketing leaders in non-profits, from stretched resources to navigating data privacy. Our tailored solutions are designed to address these challenges, ensuring that your message reaches and resonates with your target audience.

Feeling overwhelmed by digital marketing complexities?

Are you struggling with implementing effective digital marketing strategies within a limited budget? Is measuring ROI in your nonprofit campaigns a constant battle? Our nonprofit digital marketing agency specializes in creating strategies that maximize every dollar, ensuring your efforts are not just effective, but also measurable and impactful.

Our services:

Digital strategy
Social Media Marketing
Google Ads & Bing
Website Design & Development
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Data Analytics

How can we transform your nonprofit’s digital strategy?


Maximizing Your Budget

Learn how we optimize your spend across various digital channels, making each dollar count.


ROI Focused Strategies

We help demystify ROI measurement, ensuring your campaigns deliver tangible results.


Engaging Content Creation

Our team excels in producing content that captures your mission and engages your audience.


Navigating Data Privacy:

Stay compliant with our expert guidance on data privacy and regulations like GDPR.


Building Audience Loyalty

Discover strategies to not only attract but also retain a loyal online community.


Outstanding team! They are proactive, push us to hit our deadlines, go above and beyond what is asked. Outstanding digital strategy and creativity. Expectations are set properly and the results are beyond what we could hope for!


Tamar Silberberg

I have had been working with Michelle and her team since inception. She has helped Prelude with ideas of what works, what doesn’t, how to approach the market, how to gain new prospects with a targeted approach. They are brilliant! I highly recommend them.


Cate Heaman

Great company and team of people to work with on our new website project. They have provided design suggestions to enhance the website and worked incredibly hard for us. They created thew website to maximize and compliment our ongoing SEO opportunities.


Michele Slade

As a Make Your Mark Digital customer, I must say that they have been INCREDIBLE to work with. I walked into an existing partnership with them when I joined Philanthropi and could not be more pleased with the work they have done (and continue to do)! Not only are they capable of providing you with digital
strategy and marketing campaigns, but they truly care about your business. They have been so helpful when following the mission our company is pushing forward, and assisting us with the individual needs we have for our specific company.

Michelle and Gabby have been our main points of contact for our partnership, but other members of the team have been super impactful as well - Trevor, Afrika, Brielle, Zoe, Jill, and so many more who have helped to work on our account!

Michelle (the owner of MYM) is a phenomenal human, and you can tell that she has a rich background in marketing and has been so good at getting us back to the basics when things have felt like we can't get a foothold, always happy to assist with a brainstorming session, and providing such incredible insights!

Gabby (our account manager) has been so wonderful -- always proactive and collaborative. She has brought a whole new element of thought to what it means to utilize marketing and brand awareness for our team. She is always good at setting expectations and reviewing all the work the team does before even presenting it to us. She has a background in design as well, so when we have a convoluted vision, she is able to help guide us so she can best represent our ideas to her team.

I appreciate that when partnering with MYM you are getting MORE than just your account manager (even though Gabby holds a special place in my heart!) you are getting a team of experts in their fields. This means that when you have questions on SEO, or need a quick blog post/ design, it is being assigned to a team member who holds that as their area of expertise.

MYM has assisted us with so many areas of our business, including (but not limited to) competitor analysis, raising our SEO value by more than triple what it was, increasing our social media presence tenfold, and so much more! We would not be where we are today without the wonderful team at MYM!

I could not recommend them more and would give them 10 stars if I could!! Thank you so much to the MYM team!

Mary Thomforde

Every employee I have worked with at Mark your Mark has been very professional and proactive. They have excellent online marketing strategies to seek new business leads and improve your online visibility. I would certainly recommend Mark your Mark to anyone trying to improve their online presence and seek
business leads via the internet.

Gustavo Canto

Digital marketing for nonprofits refers to a set of online strategies and tools designed to optimize the online presence of nonprofit organizations. It focuses on reaching target audiences more effectively, whether they are potential donors, volunteers, or the communities served. Through a combination of SEO, content marketing, social media engagement, and online advertising, digital marketing enables nonprofits to find new donors, increase awareness about their cause, and foster deeper connections with their community. It’s not just about visibility; it’s about creating meaningful interactions that lead to sustained support and growth.

  • Purpose: This is the core of your organization – your mission, vision, and the change you seek to create. It’s the driving force behind every campaign and initiative.
  • People: This refers to both your target audience and your team. Understanding who you are trying to reach and who is delivering your message is crucial.
  • Process: This involves the methods and strategies used to deliver your marketing message. It’s about how you plan, implement, and manage your marketing campaigns.
  • Performance: This aspect focuses on the results of your marketing efforts. It’s about analyzing outcomes, measuring impact, and understanding how your strategies influence your goals.
  • Promotion: This is the set of activities used to communicate your purpose to your audience. It includes advertising, content marketing, social media, and public relations efforts.
  • Audience Engagement: This involves creating meaningful interactions with your audience. It’s about understanding their needs and preferences, and engaging with them through relevant and compelling content.
  • Brand Storytelling: Your nonprofit has a unique story to tell. This pillar focuses on sharing your journey, challenges, successes, and the impact of your work in an authentic and engaging way.
  • Data-Driven Strategies: In today’s digital age, making informed decisions based on data is key. This involves using analytics to understand audience behavior, campaign performance, and to tailor strategies that resonate with your target demographic.

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