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Social media is one of the best avenues for businesses to establish and maintain deeper connections with their customers. When harnessed properly, it can become a powerful marketing tool for your company and brand.

Your customers have profiles on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter, why wouldn’t you attempt to capture their attention on a platform they’re already using?

Social media marketing uses the creation and sharing of original text, blogs, images, videos, infographics, and other content, such as paid advertising, to achieve your marketing and branding objectives.

Exceptional brands understand the importance of social media in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. And that begins with your company partnering with a social media savvy agency to create a social media plan specific to your brand’s goals.

Make Your Mark will help you to clarify:

  • Social media marketing objectives
  • The social media platforms your target audience use
  • Your target audience’s social media habits.
  • The message you want to convey to your target audience through social media
Make Your Mark social media strategy includes:
Social Media Content Research

Brainstorming ideas that will engage your target audience and drive website traffic.

Excellent Social Content

Curating and consistently posting content that reinforces your brand and brings value to your target audience.

Content Promotion

Building a loyal following.

Sharing Curated Links

Developing reliability by information from outside sources that are relatable to your target audience.

Tracking Competitors

Gaining valuable marketing insight through researching competitors’ social media channels.


Monitoring data, measuring the results of your social media campaign, and determining
which areas may need tweaking.

Make Your Mark makes
your social media success a priority!
Taryn Estrada, Digital Marketing Account Manager
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