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Make Your Mark Digital is a Philadelphia SEO services company that helps you generate more website traffic, leads and customers through SEO strategies, including on-page and off-page optimization, content marketing, website maintenance, keyword development and analytics.
Generate Web Visits

Our SEO strategists perform research to identify the keywords and other opportunities that will help you generate more visitors, decrease bounce rates, and increase your conversions.

Optimize Your Site

Using a data-driven approach, our team implements a technical SEO strategy to ensure your site is optimized for both on-page and off-page optimization.

Get Customers

We help you attract quality customers by developing SEO and reader-friendly content resources that improve your visitor-to-customer conversion rate.

Make Your Mark Digital is a Philadelphia-based SEO services agency with years of experience in helping businesses establish, manage and grow their SEO programs. Our team of strategists work with you to develop and execute various SEO strategies that help you improve your search ranks, contributing to web traffic and customer growth.

We carefully implement an on-page strategy that ensures the right keywords are being used across your website. Our team develops unique content – blog posts, landing and website pages, and other marketing resources – to help you generate greater website traffic. We also focus on managing your page titles, meta descriptions, URL structure and site map maintenance.

While what’s on your main site is important for web optimization, what’s off the website is just as important. Your site’s SEO performance is mainly determined by the quality of back links. Therefore, it is essential to perform an audit to your site’s back link performance and identify opportunities for improvement. After the initial audit, our SEO strategists will begin to build quality content, such as guest blog posts, that will link back to your site. Our SEO experts will also answer the following questions to help strengthen your link building program:


  • How popular is your site compared to the competition?
  • Is your site receiving quality, “Do-Follow” back links from popular websites?
  • How is your site’s page popularity over time?
  • Is the site trustworthy?
  • How many domains link to your site?
  • What is your site’s Page Domain Authority?

Make Your Mark strategists will complete a full website analysis to understand where your site currently ranks, review site analytics and determine the keywords that will set your company from your competitors. This will cover the following: Search Engine Site Visibility, Sitemap Management, Meta Tag/Description Management, SEO User Experience Analysis, Indexing and Google/Bing Crawl Ability, Content Inventory and Web Page Analysis, Keyword Density and Semantic Relevance, Technical Error Analysis, Link Building Development and Insight and On Page Site Structure.

Make Your Mark specializes in making sense of data. Our metrics-focused approach empowers us to analyze key program insights to help your brand make better SEO decisions. Analytics is what makes SEO programs successful, and we aim to apply our analytical mindset to building and improving your brand’s digital marketing program. Some key metrics we measure include, visitor growth, conversions, bounce and exit rates, visitor-to-customer conversion rates, keyword ranking, backlink reporting, among other SEO KPIs.

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