LinkedIn Lead Acquisition. Connecting You

Harnessing LinkedIn’s full potential can be one of the most effective ways to grow your business’ brand awareness, increase your reach, and attract new users and consumers. That’s why Make Your Mark has developed a new, proprietary program for vetting, fostering, and delivering leads through your existing LinkedIn network.

Advertising. Making You Heard

The way we connect with users and consumers should be seamless, organic, and attractive. Whether you want a traditional 30-second spot or a high-specificity social media campaign, all of Make Your Mark’s advertising utilizes industry research and past data to craft a message driven by powerful rhetoric and your brand’s unique voice.

Online Presence. Making You Seen

If eyes are the windows to our souls, a web presence is the window to a business’ true potential. From blogs rich with content to social media that is fun and engaging, from brilliant web design to perfect SEO, we love creating beautiful and functional online spaces for customers and clients to interact with.

Inbound Marketing. Making You Understood

Whether you’re a CEO, CMO, Manager, or a Team Leader, your time is your most valuable resource. There is always something more pressing pulling you in another direction. To that end, our Inbound Marketing programs are a powerful and effective “set and forget” method for you to attract, engage, and convert new users without lifting a finger.

Make Your Mark is a results driven agency that offers a full suite of marketing and branding services and deliverables. We take great joy in learning about your company’s purpose and intended audience, helping you determine what marketing aids make the most sense for your needs. Whether your target audiences respond better to traditional marketing practices, prefer newer, more nuanced approaches, or will appreciate a blend of the two, Make Your Mark can create a custom plan to bring your company to the forefront in your industry.

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