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2021 eCommerce Trends That Should Be on Your Radar
The pandemic hasn’t had many positive ripple effects, except when one looks at eCommerce trends. According to experts, the pandemic of 2020 has launched eCommerce approximately 5 years ahead. This change has caused a shift in buying habits and more....
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2021 Digital Marketing Trends to Put on Your Radar
Planning for the new year begins way before we drink a cup of kindness (or this year a lot of booze) for days of auld lang syne. And while some are counting down the days…minutes…seconds until the Times Square ball...
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A black friday holiday retargeting sale sign
Get Your Holiday Retargeting Right with These Tips
With the Thanksgiving turkey practically on the table, the holiday shopping season is in overdrive, as should be retargeting your holiday digital marketing strategy.  Along with Thanksgiving the most significant dates for the 2020 holiday shopping season are: Nov. 26...
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Holiday ecommerce gift bags
Save Your Ecommerce Holiday Season from The Grinch
Tweak your holiday ecommerce sales with these tips There’s no doubt that 2020 will go down in history as a year with as many twists and turns as a Shakespeare play. Let’s be even more frank, it’s been the year...
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Laptop screen showing ppc trends
5 PPC Trends to Watch
As the world becomes more digital, online advertising has become a major part of a company’s overall marketing strategy. Online advertising uses the internet to attract customers and prospects to your company/ brand and consists of several types of crucial...
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A hand using a tablet for linkedin prospecting
Top 8 LinkedIn Navigator Tips to Maximize Prospecting
The key to sales is building relationships. The best sales reps know how to locate their target audience and understand their needs and pain points. As the year from Hades, otherwise known as 2020, draws to a close, you may...
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A marketing influencer posing for a selfie
Be My Marketing Influencer
Approved social media calendar filled with monthly coverage on all your channels? Check. Twitter and Facebook messages scheduled in Hootsuite? Check. Blog topics coordinated and researched? Check. Is there anything your social media campaign could be missing…. The answer could...
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The letters SEO in patterned text, showing seo mistakes to avoid.
How Does Your Content Read? SEO Mistakes to Avoid
When creating content for your website, do you wax on about a subject, post it to your blog or website, and pray for clicks? If so, it might explain why you’re not seeing the website traffic you desire. Here we...
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Hands in a heart shape, as an example of emotional branding.
Feeling & Emotional Branding
Everyone remembers the Folgers Christmas commercial. You know the one where the college student comes home on Christmas morning and he and his sister wake the rest of the family up by brewing a fresh batch of coffee. The aroma...
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Google remarketing strategy planning
Google Remarketing Strategy: 7 Tips to Plan & Create Growth-Driven Campaigns
As a business owner or marketing professional, it's important to employ a growth-designed Google marketing strategy. There are many channels you can use to grow your online traffic and conversions, including Google ad campaigns. Here's what you need to know...
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