In this 21st century marketing frontier,We’re your Digital Marksmen.
Every good army needs a team of great snipers. Powerhouses who are great at what they do and deliver results time after time.

Make Your Mark was created and is led by Michelle Martinez – a savvy NY-based marketing leader with over 20 years of global experience. Each hand-picked specialist on her roster is trained at executing at an elite level and are experts at their fields. We leave no campaign behind and we are masters at turning ideas into creative realities that yield tangible results.

Compelling branding concepts…Inspired design…Precise digital marketing…this is the core of Make Your Mark.

Our marksmen are performance driven. Leaders lead from the front and we won’t rest until your company, products and services are positioned at the top of your industry. Big ideas require bold steps, innovation, detailed performance tracking, and a relentless approach to getting the job done.

Jquery - 4 years Experience

Wordpress - 6 years Experience

HTML5 - 5 years Experience

Photography - 6 years Experience

Your bottom line
is our priority.

Our aim is to hit the target every time all the time.

And did we mention relentless?
Well, let us say it again. Our work ethic is unmatched. Our arsenal stays locked and loaded.

We don’t stop fine-tuning and testing and we remain laser-focused on execution to ensure that each project we partner with you becomes a kill strike. And it’s never work when you love what you do. Our DNA consists of passion, imagination and ambition.
It’s time that you take the shot that raises your profile and places your competition on notice. Let’s partner together so you can make your mark.

A good sniper studies their target before they strike.

Through an extensive discovery process, Make Your Mark finds and assists in fine tuning your business’ unique branding voice. Using current best practices powered by industry research, we become experts on your target audience and develop message-based content, cultivate and illuminate your brand, and explore every avenue to ensure your business makes a maximum impact on your audience and beyond.

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Let’s Make Your Mark!

Our Arsenal
Digital Strategy
Online Advertising
Social Media Paid Advertising
Inbound Marketing
Account Based Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
LinkedIn Lead Generation
Website Design and Development
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